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Content logic

graph TB; A[Can contents be logically grouped?] B[Use pages.] C[Are they grouped by date?] D[Use a collection.] E[Use posts.] A--no-->B; A--yes-->C; C--no-->D; C--yes-->E;

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Code snippets

Insert TOC 1 2 3 4 __Table of Contents__ * TOC (numbered) {:toc} Insert an image 1 2 3 4 {% include image.html file="/images/blog/lcz/1.jpg" title="Figure 1" caption="Import screen: File selection." %} List relevant posts by a tag 1 {% include list-relevant-posts.html tag="SSQ20 CHE 139" %} Standard menu buttons Internal lin...

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Logs for Bike Activities

Define New Year Make new year definition file in /_biking-annual. Add the new year to ‘.years’ field in /biking.md file. All auto-generated tables and plots read the years from this field, so otherwise the dynamic plot and ‘All Logs’ table in ‘Overview’ page will not be updated. Add the new year internal url to /_data/navigation.yml >...

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