SCORM package implementations in D2L.

This tutorial is for the D2L environment demonstrates how to import and use a learning object prepared in the SCORM 1.2 standards. You may read more about what is a SCORM here.

1 Importing the package

SCORM 1.2 packages are shipped with .ZIP extension. Log in to your D2L course and follow these steps to import a new SCORM package.

1.1 Download the demo package

Download the demo SCORM package

  • Remarks:
    • Flash based simulations will not be used.
    • HTML5 based simulations will be preferred.
      • They should be compatible with all modern devices including tablets and phones.

1.2 Upload to D2L

  • Navigate to Course Administration > Import / Export / Copy Components > Import Components and click Copy All Components
  • Select SCORM package from your desktop. In this demonstration, the file name is See Figure 1.
Figure 1. Import screen: File selection.
  • Click Import All Components. Figure 2 shows the normal progress.
    • Remarks:
      • D2L supports file sizes up to 1 GB.
      • This demo uses a file with 283 KB. Very practical!
Figure 2. Import screen: Processing.

1.3 Viewing the SCORM content

  • Click View Content to access the Content tab.
    • Figure 3 shows that a new menu item is added to the Table of Contents.
    • When the menu item is clicked, the content appears in the main block with a SCORM object sign.
Figure 3. SCORM content appears in the Table of Contents

2 Accessing the content

  • Click the link title General Chemistry Lab I ▹ Interactive
  • Figures 4 - 8 shows the D2L snapshots of various views in D2L. TEST ++++=====
Figure 4. Text based content.
Figure 5. Simulation.
Figure 6. Fill in the blank type activity. Feedback is immediate for learning. Not graded.
Figure 7. SCORM quiz. Graded, no feedback. Testing the knowledge gain.
Figure 8. Upon SCORM quiz completion, a item is created in the `Grades` module.

3 Benefits

  • All of the content is free for students.
  • Easy to set up an experiment in D2L.
    • All logical sequences with content and activities will be followed by all sections.
    • Any content type like .pdf, .docx, .xlsx can be embedded.
  • Content can be updated as needed.

4 Limitations

  • Videos are hosted by YouTube.
    • Panopto sometimes imposes strict share limitations.
    • Copying movies from one course to another often produces broken links.
  • We don’t make new simulations so we cannot change them.
    • This particular demo uses a simulation from PhET Interactive Simulations

    • I have been following PhET Interactive Simulations since it has started and ACS lists PhET Interactive Simulations in the first place of their list (see Figure 9).

Figure 9. ACS lists PhET Interactive Simulations in the first place of their list.