CHEM 171 Fall 2023 Class Photo

13 Nov 2023 by Murat Kahveci
Location: Loyola University Chicago Lake Shore Campus

Capturing the essence of our CHEM 171 FA23 journey! This morning, right after diving into the intricacies of chemical kinetics, we paused to create a timeless memory with this amazing class photo. The high energy and eagerness to learn chemistry from this incredible learning community keep me inspired. Thank you all for bringing so much enthusiasm to our class! I have no doubt that each one of you will achieve great success in your chosen fields of engineering. Stay connected, share your success stories, and let’s continue this journey together.

Special shoutouts to everyone (some individuals may not be captured in the photo): Sumaya Abdullah, Laurice AlDaoud, Christopher Araujo, Natasha Bouras, Jacob Bragg, Andrew Bukovnik, Katelyn Byrne, Janan Carkic, Isabella DiFabio, Adan Frankowski, Celeste Gonzalez, Elle Hirata, Lucille Hoffart, Seth Jara, Grace Kalb, Grace Knooihuizen, Elliott Laibson-Brown, Madison Liley, Joseph Marek, Isabel Martinez, Octavio Meza, Evan Pollack, Julia Rametta, Madi Reese, Lara Seledotis

Your passion for learning is truly inspiring! Let’s keep the chemistry alive and the success stories flowing. Share your success stories so that they are celebrated on this page.