The Kahveci Group at Loyola University Chicago works at the interface of affective dimensions in chemistry education research. We apply quantitative research methods to analyze data and understand how learning complex chemistry topics is influenced by affective variables in relation to personal characteristics. Additionally, we are interested in studying dominant modalities of remote learning as an extension of the post pandemic influences on the practice of chemistry education.

If you’re reading this webpage, you’re probably a researcher in the field of chemistry education research (CER) or a student of mine. I have a blog on both research and teaching. If you’d like to stay updated with the latest trends, best practices, and chemistry education research, please consider subscribing our group’s newsletter.

Source code

kahveci.pw is built based on the source code of bedford.io, which is freely available at the GitHub. This repo is placed under the MIT license. For more information:

  • Look over the metadata format guide
  • Look over the Markdown style guide
  • Look over the code snippets guide

kahveci.pw Updates & New Features

  • Biking Activities module is written. See how to add data to this module.
  • Courses module is written.
  • New tagging feature is added to the Blog module. New ‘Tags’ menu item is added to the interface.
  • Team module is updated with more auto-generated content for each team member. Especially, Principle Investigator has a complete auto-curated CV from multiple data sources of kahveci.pw.
  • Original repo has only the articles module. This functionality is expanded to new Publications module. Currently, there are three types of publications are available:
    • Books
    • Journal Papers
    • Conference Papers
  • Projects module was re-written so that all projects are hosted in kahveci.pw domain. When needed, the Github integration is done via some-project-repo.git or project URL. Project based publications are auto-populated.