The Kahveci Group at Loyola University Chicago operates at the interface of affective dimensions in chemistry education research. We specialize in applying quantitative research methods to analyze data and understand how the learning of complex chemistry topics is influenced by affective variables in relation to personal characteristics. Our interest also extends to studying dominant modalities of remote learning, particularly in the context of post-pandemic influences on the practice of chemistry education.

If you’re visiting this webpage, you might be a researcher in the field of chemistry education research (CER) or one of my students. I maintain a blog covering topics related to both research and teaching. If you’re interested in staying updated with the latest trends, best practices, and developments in chemistry education research, please consider subscribing to our group’s newsletter.

Source code

kahveci.pw is built on the source code of bedford.io, which is freely available on GitHub. This repo is under the MIT license. For more information:

  • Review our metadata format guide
  • Check out the Markdown style guide
  • Explore our code snippets guide

kahveci.pw Updates & New Features

  • The Biking Activities module is written. See here for instructions on how to add data to this module.
  • The Courses module has been created.
  • A new tagging feature has been added to the Blog module. A new ‘Tags’ menu item is now available in the interface.
  • The Team module is updated with more auto-generated content for each team member. Notably, the Principal Investigator has a complete auto-curated CV from multiple data sources of kahveci.pw.
  • The original repo had only the articles module. This functionality is expanded to a new Publications module. Currently, there are three types of publications available:
    • Books
    • Journal Papers
    • Conference Papers
  • The Projects module was re-written so that all projects are hosted on the kahveci.pw domain. Github integration is achieved via some-project-repo.git or the project URL. Project-based publications are auto-populated.

Historical Overview of Logos Used by kahveci.pw

New logo

Figure 3. AI-Enhanced Logo Design, Version 2 of Logo B

The current iteration of our logo, in use since December 23, 2023, is a testament to the blend of art and technology. This AI-enhanced design features a striking metallic texture complemented by 3D effects and dynamic lighting. Set against a backdrop of a space-themed gradient, the design elements are skillfully arranged to convey a sense of motion, effectively capturing the essence of animation. This logo not only marks our brand’s evolution but also symbolizes our commitment to innovation and modern aesthetics.

Logo B: Usage Period from December 15, 2023, to December 22, 2023

Old logo

Figure 2. Logo B - AI-Generated Kahveci Group Design

Logo B for the Kahveci Group is an AI-generated masterpiece, distinguished by an array of random chemistry symbols. Drawing inspiration from the Turkish word ‘Kahveci,’ meaning ‘Coffee Maker’ or ‘Barista,’ the logo prominently features a steamy coffee cup at its center. This choice resonates deeply with the essence of the Kahveci brand and was an intuitive decision during the AI-driven design process. The logo also pays homage to my personal stimulants of choice - coffee, black tea, and hazelnuts - which have been essential in powering through extensive study sessions. This unique and meaningful logo adorned the Kahveci Group from December 15, 2023, to December 22, 2023, symbolizing a brief but impactful chapter in our brand’s history.

Logo A: Usage Period from January 1, 2013, to December 15, 20233

Old logo

Figure 1. Logo A - Schrödinger Equation Theme

This logo, which I meticulously crafted using the TikZ package in LaTeX, represents a fusion of my passion for physical chemistry and education. It features an elegant design inspired by the Schrödinger equation, rendered in crisp vector graphics through ghostscript, PDF, or SVG formats. Emblematic of my personal style and academic pursuits, it served as a true reflection of my identity. Logo A was actively used from January 1, 2013, to December 15, 2023, maintaining its elegance and relevance throughout its tenure.