General Chemistry Lab B

CHEM 112
Taught in
Spring 2024, Summer 2023, Spring 2023
Course Level
Lifelong Support

Course Description

This second semester general chemistry lab course continues emphasis of lab experiments & data collection, data interpretation/analysis, and scientific writing. Lab topics are related to some topics/theory covered in the lecture course (Chem 102). The course introduces students to intermolecular forces, matter and phase changes, chromatography, chemical kinetics, chemical equilibrium, acids & bases, net ionic equations, and UV-vis instrumentation. Continued exposure and enhancement of scientific writing skills is achieved through formal lab reports & keeping a lab notebook. Dimensional analysis and significant figures also play a continued role in the success of students in the course. These lists are not exhaustive but note the course highlights.


  1. Extend laboratory skill knowledge and use skills built on Chem 111 basics.
  2. Apply qualitative and quantitative techniques to collect experimental data and appropriately interpret experimental results.
  3. Improve scientific writing skills and documentation of laboratory data and analysis.
  4. Continue to learn how to work safety in the lab and gain an understanding of chemical and laboratory safety practices.


  1. Demonstrate knowledge of intermolecular forces, chemical kinetics, equilibrium, and acid – base theory through successful lab completion, data analysis & interpretation in notebook entries, online quizzes, and formal lab report writing.
  2. Connect calculations to course concepts through successful lab notebook experiment calculations, data interpretation, and online quizzes.
  3. Demonstrate enhanced scientific writing skills through experimental lab notebook and scientific lab reports.

Textbook and Materials

  1. Chem 112 Laboratory Packet (provided as a PDF in Sakai). Printed manuals are provided during lab time to students. These hard copies are stored in the lab.
  2. Composition style notebook (not spiral bound & cannot have tear-out perforations). Line ruled. The Chem 111 notebook can be used again!
  3. Safety goggles (we provided to you in Chem 111). These must be type G, H or K goggles and must meet or exceed ANSI Z87.1 requirements. Safety glasses do not meet our requirements and are not allowed.
  4. Long-sleeve Laboratory Coat (white is preferred coat color). You must purchase this.
  5. Appropriate clothing1 and footwear.
  6. Scientific calculator (non-programmable, non-graphing, and independent of another device such as a phone or tablet). Cell phones are not calculators.
  7. A non-erasable pen is required for all written work. No white-out nor pencils allowed.
  8. Sakai access via the internet to watch pre-lab video content, post-lab content, online content, lab simula- tions, submit lab work, and complete all Sakai work.

Appropriate clothing must be worn that minimizes potential chemical contact with your skin. Shoes that adequately cover the entire foot are required. Sandals, open-toes shoes, perforated shoes, open-backed shoes are not acceptable. No skin should be exposed on your feet or legs, so clothing that covers and protects your body from the waist down (including your ankles) must be worn. Lab coat required.