Exceptional students who have excelled in my research group and received high grades in my classes are encouraged to request recommendation letters for graduate school, medical school, or employment opportunities.

It is important to note that it’s advantageous to request recommendation letters from faculty members who know you well beyond the classroom setting. If you were only a student in my class and not a member of my research group, it may be more appropriate to seek a recommendation from another faculty member who can provide specific insights into your qualifications and experiences that aren’t evident from your transcript.

Please adhere to the following guidelines when requesting a recommendation letter:

  • Email me as soon as possible to request a recommendation letter and to schedule a meeting to discuss your future career plans.
  • I have a policy of writing letters only for students who waive their rights to access the letters of recommendation.
  • Submit your materials to me in person at least one month before the due date. The earlier you provide your application materials, the more time I will have to compose your recommendation letters.
    1. A short typed paragraph detailing our previous interactions at Loyola University Chicago, including classes of mine you attended and your grades, your involvement in my research group (including specific quarters and tasks), etc.
    2. Any necessary forms from each graduate school, filled out as completely as possible.
    3. Addressed and stamped envelopes for each application, including the following return address:
      Murat Kahveci, Ph.D.
      Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
      Loyola University Chicago
      1068 W Sheridan Rd FH 403
      Chicago, IL 60660
    4. A copy of your vita or resume.
    5. A copy of your personal statement.
    6. A document containing your GPA, Chemistry GPA, GRE score, previous research experience, specific future career plans, research interests for graduate or medical school, and other relevant information about your academic achievements.
    7. In addition to a printed list, please send me an email with a PDF document that includes all application addresses, specific schools, and their respective due dates.
  • Once the application process concludes, please email me to inform me about your acceptances and your selected program.
  • Keep in touch and let me know about your experiences in graduate or medical school.