General Chemistry II

Taught in
Spring 2014, Spring 2013, and Spring 2011
Course Level
Lifelong Support

Course Description

Understanding the basic principles of chemistry and contextualizing the chemical principles in daily life.

Course content

Mixtures, solutions, dissolution enthalpy, effect of the resolution temperature and pressure, the preparation and concentration of solutions, volumetric analysis and equivalence rule, Raoult law, vapor pressure lowering in solutions non-volatile solute, osmosis effect, electrolytic solutions, chemical kinetic, temperature and reaction rate, catalysis, concentration and reaction rates, rate equations and temperature, kinetics of reaction zeroth, I., II. and III., Le Chatelier’s rule, temperature dependence of equilibrium constants, acids and bases, the definitions about acids and bases, the forces of acidity and alkalinity, hydrolysis, neutralization, pH and pOH, the separation of weak acids and bases, polyprotic acids, buffer solutions, acids-base titrations, solubility product and precipitation, chemical thermodynamic, laws of thermodynamics, work, enthalpy, internal energy, entropy, free enthalpy, and free internal energy, Hess’s law, Born-Haber cycle, electrochemistry, electrolysis, Faraday’s law.

Course learning outcomes

  1. Learning of preparation of solutions and the laws of liquid mixture.
  2. Learns of the events of chemical kinetic and equilibrium.
  3. Makes the definitions of acids and bases.
  4. Learn information about pH, pOH, buffer solutions, solubility product and solves problems
  5. Recognize thermodynamic parameters and electrochemical events.