General Chemistry I Lab

CHE 131
Taught in
Winter 2021, Autumn 2020, Winter 2020, Autumn 2019, Autumn 2018, Winter 2017, and Autumn 2017
Course Level
Lifelong Support

Course Description

CHE 131 is a co-requisite for CHE 120, General Chemistry IP, or CHE 130, General Chemistry I. This course, in conjunction with CHE 120/130, can be used by non-science majors to fulfill a Scientific Inquiry-Lab (SI-Lab) learning domain requirement in the Liberal Studies Program. The laboratory experiments you will perform will reinforce material presented in lecture and allow you to explore lecture topics in more detail. Specific learning objectives for each experiment can be found in the laboratory manual. You will be assessed based on your level of preparedness, accuracy, laboratory technique, data analysis, and overall understanding of the experiments. Your results, analysis, and understanding will be presented in laboratory reports. The writing of laboratory reports will also offer you the opportunity to develop your scientific writing skills. The laboratory is a critical component of your education as a scientist. Because of the importance of the laboratory, if you have two or more laboratory absences for invalid reasons, you will fail this course.


Experiment Title Relevant Textbook Sections Week Starting with
  No lab   9/7/20
1 Laboratory Check-in, Lab Report Writing & Excel Workshop 8.7, 16.2 – 16.8 9/14/20
2 Density and Volumetric Glassware E.2 – E.5 9/21/20
3 Avogadro’s Number 1.10 9/28/20
  Revision Week & Writing Workshop   10/5/20
4 Introduction to Spectroscopy 2.2 — 2.3 10/12/20
5 Empirical Formula of a Compound 4.3 10/19/20
6 Qualitative Analysis 4.6, 8.4 — 8.8 10/26/20
7 The Copper Cycle 8.4 – 8.9 11/2/20
8 Introduction to Titration 8.7 11/9/20