General Chemistry Lab A

CHEM 111
Taught in
Fall 2022, and Fall 2021
Course Level
Lifelong Support

Course Description

This lab course emphasizes introductory application of topics/theory covered in the lecture course (Chem 101). It introduces students to basic chemical laboratory skills & techniques including lab safety, accuracy/precision, net ionic equations, pH, enthalpy, spectrophotometry, use indicators, a variety of laboratory equipment & glassware, basic statistics, etc. This list is not exhaustive but mentions the highlights.


  1. Teach lab safety.
  2. Teach basic laboratory skills.
  3. Apply theory to practical use.


  1. Students know safe lab practice.
  2. Students properly identify & use glassware, analytical balances, hot plates based on the task at hand.
  3. Compute calculations and theoretical analysis questions coupled to each lab experiment.

Textbook and Materials

  1. Chem 111 Laboratory Packet (provided as a PDF in Sakai). Printed manuals stored in the lab are provided during synchronous session. Feel free to print out a personal copy of the manual if you prefer to.
  2. Chem 111 Labster Lab Manual (provided as a PDF). Simulations are done online, so this manual is not printed. Feel free to print a personal copy if you want to. Printed copies will not be provided to students.
  3. Composition style notebook (not spiral bound & cannot have tear-out perforations). Line ruled.
  4. Safety goggles (we provide to you). These must be type G, H or K goggles and must meet or exceed ANSI Z87.1 requirements. Safety glasses do not meet our requirements and are not allowed.
  5. A face mask. See Fall 2021 Masking Requirement below.
  6. Long-sleeve Laboratory Coat (white is preferred coat color). You must purchase this.
  7. Appropriate clothing and footwear. See below for details*
  8. Scientific calculator for most course work. Cell phones are not calculators.
  9. A non-erasable pen is required for all written work. No white-out is allowed. No pencils allowed.
  10. Sakai access via the internet to watch pre-lab video content, post-lab content, online content, lab simulations, and complete all Sakai work.
  11. Cam Scanner app OR a scanner machine. Cam scanner is a free app that converts a phone picture to a PDF file. You will take pictures of the Composition lab notebook pages and convert them to a PDF file in order to submit the notebook pages to Sakai for grading. This app works on android and iPhone. A scanner machine can be used as well.

Appropriate clothing must be worn that minimizes potential chemical contact with your skin. Shoes that adequately cover the entire foot are required. Sandals, open-toes shoes, perforated shoes, open-backed shoes are not acceptable. No skin should be exposed on your feet or legs, so clothing that covers and protects your body from the waist down (including your ankles) must be worn. Lab coat required.