General Chemistry for Engineering Lab

CHEM 173
Taught in
Fall 2023, Fall 2022, and Fall 2021
Course Level
Lifelong Support

Course Description

Chem 173 is designed to complement the concepts covered in CHEM 171 (lecture), providing hands-on experience with fundamental principles of chemistry relevant to engineering applications. Through a series of engaging experiments, students will explore various topics, including the chemistry of ordinary materials, thermochemistry, energy relationships in chemical equations, and qualitative analysis of unknowns.

This course encourages critical thinking, data analysis, and effective laboratory techniques, preparing students for the practical applications of chemistry in their engineering endeavors.

Textbook and Materials

  1. Lab manuals will be provided free of charge in both PDF format and hardcopy. Download it from Sakai > Resources > Lab Manuals.
  2. You will need one bound laboratory notebook, such as a National-brand composition book sold in Barnes and Noble or Beck’s bookstore. You will need laboratory goggles and a lab coat. All of which are available at the bookstore.
  3. You will need an inexpensive calculator having logarithmic (base 10 and base e), exponential, and trigonometric functions to do routine mole-mass and volumetric calculations associated with this lab.

Class Photos

Tentative Schedule (CHEM173-001 FA23)

Date Activities (CHEM 173-001 FA23)
8/29/23 Check in
Review of Syllabus.
Lab Safety orientation.
Lab Notebook Requirements.
Review of Significant Figures.
9/5/23 Lab 1. Chemistry of Ordinary Materials.
Quizzes: Prelab 1.
9/12/23 Lab 2. Calibration of a Digital Pipette.
Quizzes: Postlab 1, Prelab 2.
Lab Notebooks/Worksheets: Lab 1.
9/19/23 Lab 3. Thermochemistry, Determining specific heats of Metals.
Quizzes: Postlab 2, Prelab 3.
Lab Notebooks/Worksheets: Lab 2.
9/26/23 Lab 4. Energy Relationships in Chemical Equations.
Quizzes: Prelab 4
Lab Notebooks/Worksheets: Lab 3.
10/3/23 Lab 5. Percent Calcium Carbonate in a Mixture.
Quizzes: Postlab 3 & 4, Prelab 5.
Lab Notebooks/Worksheets: Lab 4.
10/10/23 Mid-Semester Break (No Class)
10/17/23 Make-up
10/24/23 Lab 6. Group 1 Qualitative Analysis of Unknowns.
Quizzes: Postlab 5, Prelab 6.
Lab Notebooks/Worksheets: Lab 5.
10/31/23 Lab 7. Group 3 Qualitative Analysis of Unknowns.
Quizzes: Prelab 7.
Lab Notebooks/Worksheets: Lab 6.
11/7/23 Lab 8. Spectrophotometric Determination of Aspirin.
Quizzes: Postlab 6 & 7, Prelab 8.
Lab Notebooks/Worksheets: Lab 7.
11/14/23 Lab 9. Determination of Acid Dissociation Constant Values for a Diprotic Acid.
Quizzes: Postlab 8, Prelab 9.
Lab Notebooks/Worksheets: Lab 8.
11/21/23 Lab 10. Determination of an Equilibrium constant for the acid dissociation of Bromothymol Blue.
Quizzes: Prelab 10.
Lab Notebooks/Worksheets: Lab 9.
11/28/23 Make-up
Quizzes: Postlab 9 & 10.
Lab Notebooks/Worksheets: Lab 10.
12/5/23 Checkouts