Quantitative Reasoning and Technological Literacy I

LSP 120 Quantitative Reasoning and Technological Literacy I (undergraduate level) was taught by Murat Kahveci at DePaul University in Winter 2018, Winter 2017, and Spring 2017. LSP 120 Course URL

Course Description

In this course, students will study issues in the sciences, social sciences, and management in which quantitative data plays a significant role. A variety of analytical approaches will be explored, including numerical, graphical, verbal/logical, and algebraic. Extensive use will be made of computer tools such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and the Internet.

Course objectives

This course is designed to help you to become a more confident, critical, and capable user of quantitative information of all kinds. In particular, it will help you to:

  1. Be more aware of the variety of ways in which numbers are used.
  2. Understand orders of magnitude and scientific notation.
  3. Understand and critique quantitative arguments, whether given numerically, graphically, or in written form.
  4. Interpret graphs.
  5. Create graphs to describe quantitative data.
  6. Use basic computer tools to analyze data.
  7. Become acquainted with basic mathematical models and their limitations.
  8. Learn financial application such as calculating compound interest, computing loan payments and understanding basic tax concepts.