Physical Chemistry I (Thermodynamics)

CHEM 321A/421A
Taught in
Fall 2017
Course Level
Graduate, Undergraduate
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Course Description

This course is designed to present the principles of physical chemistry that govern equilibria and reaction rates in chemical systems. Topics include first, second, and third law of thermodynamics, chemical equilibrium, phase equilibrium and kinetic theory of gases, reaction kinetics and mechanism.

Lecture content

Lecture 1 Fundamentals
Lecture 2 The properties of gases I
Lecture 3 The properties of gases II
Lecture 4 The first law I
Lecture 5 The first law II
Lecture 6 The first law III
Lecture 7 The second and third laws I
Lecture 8 The second and third laws II
Lecture 9 The second and third laws III
Lecture 10 Phys. trans. pure substances I
Lecture 11 Phys. trans. pure substances II
Lecture 12 Simple mixtures I
Lecture 13 Simple mixtures II
Lecture 14 Simple mixtures III
Lecture 15 Chemical equilibrium I
Lecture 16 Chemical equilibrium II
Lecture 17 Chemical equilibrium III
Lecture 18 Chemical kinetics I
Lecture 19 Chemical kinetics II
Lecture 20 Chemical kinetics III
Lecture 21 Chemical kinetics IV
Lecture 22 Reaction dynamics I
Lecture 23 Reaction dynamics II

Required Text

  • Atkins, P. and Paula, J. D. (2010). Physical chemistry 9th ed. Oxford University Press, New York. ISBN-13: 978-1429218122