Chem Structure & Properties Lab

CHEM 161
Taught in
Spring 2024, Fall 2023
Course Level
Lifelong Support

Course Description

This lab course emphasizes introductory application of some topics/theory covered in the lecture course (Chem 160). It introduces students to basic chemical laboratory skills & techniques including lab & chemical safety, glassware & lab equipment, significant figures, basic statistics, writing a formal lab report, graphing data, accuracy & precision, atomic structure, periodic table trends, solution preparation, stoichiometry, titration, pH measurements, acid/base indicators, and spectrophotometry. This list is not exhaustive but mentions the highlights.

Goals of course:

  • Learn laboratory safety and chemical safety.
  • Learn basic laboratory skills including glassware and equipment for experiments.
  • Connect lecture theory topics to practical laboratory experiences.
  • Introduce scientific writing via a formal lab report and lab notebooks.


  • Students will demonstrate safe lab practices and knowledge of chemical safety.
  • Students will identify & use appropriate glassware for experiment measurements.
  • Students compute calculations and analysis questions coupled to each lab experiment.
  • Students demonstrate proper documentation of lab experiments in lab notebooks and explain laboratory results in formal lab reports.