Use of technology and attitudes towards technology: An international analysis of the PISA 2003 data

Kahveci M, Imamoglu Y. (2014). Journal of Research in Education and Society.

The aim of this study is to analyze the use of computers and attitudes towards computers with respect to gender, geographical regions and socioeconomic status. The sample includes 15-year old students, who have participated in the international PISA 2003 study. Significant differences are found in the variables of availability of a computer to use, experience of computer use, frequency of computer use for different purposes, and attitudes towards computers. Connections with mathematics anxiety are also discussed. Results indicate that boys have more positive attitude towards computers and they tend to use computers more frequently. While socioeconomic level increases, experiences in computer use and Internet use and positive attitudes towards computers increase.

Keywords: Computers, Gender, PISA 2003, Attitudes towards Computers