An instrument development: Interactivity Survey (IS)
An instrument development: Interactivity Survey (IS)

Kahveci M. (2007). Journal of Educational Technology & Society.

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Kahveci M. (2007). An instrument development: Interactivity Survey (IS). Journal of Educational Technology & Society, 10(3), 163-174.

Although there is no agreement as to what instructional interactivity and interaction mean in educational literature, researchers agree that both terms are vital for teaching and learning one way or another. This paper presents the item-development stages and validity and reliability analysis of the Interactivity Survey (IS), which attempts to uncover the perceptions of professors working at departments of education from universities around the world. To provide evidence of reliability of the instrument, a pilot study was carried out with a sample size of 262 universities. All of the statistical test results and the final version of the instrument were provided.

Thus, this paper is both a theoretical paper that conceptually synthesizes the literature on instructional interactivity and a technical paper that considers the information from an instrument-development point of view.