I am thrilled and honored to announce that I have been selected as a member of the 2nd cohort for the Faculty Fellowship in the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SOTL) at Loyola University Chicago.

When I first learned about the fellowship (many thanks to Polina Pine), I was immediately drawn to the opportunity to explore and advance my knowledge and skills in teaching and learning. As a lifelong learner and passionate educator, I knew that the SOTL Fellowship would be a perfect fit for me.

The application process was challenging, but I felt confident in my proposal and was excited to share my ideas with the selection committee. When I received the news that I had been chosen as a SOTL Fellow, I was overjoyed and grateful for the opportunity to work with such a talented group of educators.

Over the next two years, I will have the chance to collaborate with my fellow SOTL Fellows and the Faculty Center for Ignatian Pedagogy to bring my proposed project to life. This project will allow me to explore a topic that I am deeply passionate about and to contribute to the field of teaching and learning in a meaningful way. I will share the details of my propsed project later.

I am eager to dive into this new chapter of my professional development and to learn from the expertise of my colleagues. The SOTL Fellowship will provide me with the resources, support, and guidance that I need to achieve my goals and to grow as an educator.

As I reflect on this exciting news, I am filled with gratitude for the opportunity to pursue my passions and to make a positive impact on the education community. I look forward to sharing my experiences and insights with others, and to contributing to the ongoing conversation about the importance of teaching and learning in chemistry education research (CER).

Thank you to Loyola University Chicago and the Faculty Center for Ignatian Pedagogy for this incredible opportunity. I am ready to embrace this challenge and to make the most of this fellowship.


Principal Investigator as a Scholarship for Teaching and Learning Scholar

Co-PI or Collaborator as a Scholarship for Teaching and Learning Scholar