Instructional interactivity endeavor and Spiral Dynamics

Kahveci M. (2006). Bogazici University Journal of Education.
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Kahveci M. (2006). Instructional interactivity endeavor and Spiral Dynamics. Bogazici University Journal of Education, 20(1), 11-24.

It is commonly accepted in most educational research communities that delivery of instruction accompanied by interactivity will increase learning and improve instruction in practice. This article discusses operational definitions and levels of interactivity on the basis of the education literature (particularly in the field of computer-based instruction, cognitive science, and science education).

However, in the literature, definitions and forms of interactivity are often confined by instructional media, such as computer programs and telecommunications technologies. The Spiral Dynamics model can be considered in an attempt to base conceptual parameters for the operation of interactivity on terms of human psychology and ability of learning.