Physical Chemistry I Lab

CHEM 321B/421B Physical Chemistry I Lab (graduate, undergraduate level) was taught by Murat Kahveci at Roosevelt University in Fall 2017. CHEM 321B/421B Course URL

Course Description

This course is designed to provide laboratory experience to complement the physical chemistry lecture course, CHEM321/421-24A which presents the principles of physical chemistry that govern equilibria and reaction rates in chemical systems. Laboratory experiments will be related to properties of thermodynamic proper- ties of substances, thermochemistry, chemical and phase equilibria, reaction kinetics.

Lecture content

Lab 1 Heat capacity ratios for gases
Lab 2 Heats of combustion (calorimetry)
Lab 3 Partial molar volume
Lab 4 Vapor pressure of a pure liquid
Lab 5 Acid dissociation constant (pKa) of methyl red
Lab 6 Chemical equilibrium in solution
Lab 7 Cyclic voltametry
Lab 8 Kinetics of reaction