Introductory Statistics

KIMEG 5005
Taught in
Fall 2015
Course Level
Lifelong Support

Course Description

Central tendency (mean, median, peak value), dispersion (variance, standard deviation, range, percentiles, quartiles), covariance, correlation, correlation techniques, statistical hypothesis testing and normal distribution, t-Test, variance analysis, Univariate ANOVA, bivariate ANOVA, regression, ANCOVA, Factor Analysis, MANOVA, nonparametric statistical methods, reliability analysis. sampling and statistical power estimated at a basic level. statistical analysis with SPSS.

Course Goals

With this course, students will:

  • acquire the ability to have knowledge and make interpretations regarding basic statistical topics. The following list is prepared to provide a general idea for the course, and it is not an exhaustive list of specific learning outcomes:
  • gain familiarity with the statistical terminology commonly used in social and behavioral sciences.


Your ideas are highly important in this course, and they constitute the foundation of the class. In short, this is not a traditional class where the teacher lectures, and students passively listen. Therefore, your active participation in the course is strongly expected and this participation should be professional. Professionalism, not limited to these aspects, can be defined as striving for excellence in completing assignments, contributing constructively, participating positively and attentively in group work, seizing and evaluating opportunities to enhance your personal knowledge and skills, and consistently performing above the minimum standards in all assignments.

Required Texts

  • Baştürk, R. (2011). Bütün yönleri ile SPSS örnekli nonparametrik istatiksel yöntemler (2. Baskı). Ankara: Anı Yayıncılık.
  • Baykul, Y., & Güzeller, C. O. (2014). Sosyal bilimler için istatistik. Ankara: Pegem Akademi.
  • Büyüköztürk, Ş., Çokluk, Ö., & Köklü, N. (2010). Sosyal bilimler için istatistik (5. Baskı). Ankara: Pegem Akademi.
  • Seçer, İ. (2015). SPSS ve LISREL ile pratik veri analizi (2. Baskı). Ankara: Anı Yayıncılık.