This tutorial demonstrates how to set up a Submission folder with commenting capabilities and with an associated rubric for assessment. The rubric will be tied to the Grades module so that the rubric-based assessment is automatically translated to an associated grade.

New Folder in Submissions with Annotation Tools

  • Navigate to Submissions > New Folder

Figure 1
Figure 1. New folder.

  • A: Give a name to the folder. e.g. Lab 1.
  • Select a Grade Item from the dropdown list. You can add New Grade Item, if needed.
  • Click Add Rubric button and select a rubric from the list. If you don’t see a rubric, you need to import one.

Figure 2
Figure 2. New grade item.

  • Make sure that Annotation Tools is checked. This is very important if you want to open the files submitted (without downloading) and give feedback.

Importing a Rubric

Method 1: Copying from my Course

You may import rubrics like any other components in D2L. I will be posting rubrics for SQ20-CHE 133 and SQ20-CHE 135 this quarter. To import a rubric:

  • Go to Course Administration > Import Components
  • Select Search for offering
    • Type CHE_135_901_1050 in the search box to import a rubric for CHE 135
    • Type CHE_133_303_1050 in the search box to import a rubric for CHE 133

Figure 3
Figure 3. Import components.

  • Select Components and then check Rubrics to import.
  • Wait for copying and done!

Method 2: Importing as an External ZIP File

This method is for those who cannot import from my course. Originally, I did not think this would be a problem but I was notified that it was not possible to import a component from my course unless you were enrolled as a TA or instructor.

  • First, grab the rubric file as a ZIP from the shared Box folder.
    • In this folder, navigate to Online Rubrics to Import D2L folder.
    • Any of these files must be imported to D2L as a ZIP file. So, don’t unzip. Naming convention:
      • e.g.
      • e.g.
  • On D2L, go to Course Administration > Import Components > Import Components (again as submenu) and select and upload the ZIP file you grabbed.
  • Wait for copying and done!