Jun 3, 2020

Professor Kahveci,

I just wanted to extend a sincere thank you to you and the entire Chemistry department, including our TA’s, for your compassion and understanding during these turbulent times. With everything going on, we’ve all been under an unusual amount of mental stress and I’m sure that extends to the teaching staff as well, so I hope you’ve all been well. The content in this class is not easy to grasp, but without the efforts of the staff making this information so comprehensible considering the short notice of this transition, I’m sure things could have been much worse. Also, I have seen a lot of leeway being given throughout this quarter in regards to grading and submission of assignments, and for me personally that has taken some of the stress out of this transition to our remote learning experience this quarter. It’s for this alleviation that I thank you all.



Andres is taking General Chemistry II (lecture and lab) in Spring 2020. This email correspondence was posted with Andres’s written permission via email on 6/3/2020.